Welcome to my personal website,


Born in Surinam on the 19th of January in 1989, the first words I heard were “welcome to this world”. These words came from my grandmother, the most wise and inspiring woman I’ve ever known.

My grandfather taught me his way of discipline, he was a soldier very dedicated, but the most sweet and kind person at heart.

The creative blood flows through my veins thanks to my father, he is an artist in modern art. Remy Jungerman is his name, he lives in Amsterdam and inspired me by taking me to different museums since I was a little girl. Being confronted with art and many cultures opened my eyes and gave me a sophisticated way of visualising. And it’s that particular skill I use to take photos my way.

By the age of 1 I moved to the Netherlands with my, oh so strong and incredibly capable, MacGyver mom. She learned me that nothing is impossible in life, stay strong and keep on striving.

We moved back to Surinam and lived there for 3 years in 2005. I bought my first photo camera when I was 17. It was a FujiFilm FinePix Digital Camera, and started my passion for photography at that point.

When we moved back to the Netherlands, I resumed the photography as a event-photographer, but felt that I can do more than that with a camera. In 2014 i started studying photography in Amsterdam, i’m learning so much new techniques ever since.


Pleased to meet you

Yours truly,

Femke Dix